Unlucky Thirteen

I never really know how to start these things off without them always sounding the same so I’m trying something different this week. Right now we’re in the middle of a two-week span bookended by mine and my son’s birthdays. I like this time of year for that reason. I also like it because it usually means I can finally start to put winter behind me and get a little closer to my happy place, the beach. I’m still not sure if this Covid NYC winter seemed longer than a normal NYC winter but I’ll be happy once it’s over nonetheless. I long to smell the ocean on a warm day and see leaves on trees. I guess that’s a good enough way to lead into the first few links this week. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for letting me into your inbox. Here we go.

A bank in Singapore reimagines their conventional interior with lush tropical plants

A series of courtyards link a maze of living spaces, bringing bright sunlight and verdant greenery to every area of this home in Mallorca

A biophilic family home lives among the trees in Melbourne

These buildings are combining affordable housing with vertical farming

The impact of vertical forests and green roofs on the urban landscape

A unique reincarnation of a Gothic-style cottage in Sydney

Australian architects have designed the tiny modular home of the future

Why many buildings skip the 13th floor

Marcel Breuer’s icon of brutalist architecture in Connecticut is reimagined as a hotel (thanks Eric)

Le Corbusier flat in Paris hits the market for $1.4M

Greco-Roman influences are well-balanced with contemporary art and graphical elements in this stunning doctor’s office in Paris

This Paris apartment is both elegant and utilitarian

Rustic modern vibes fill this Paris apartment (thanks Nica)

An apartment in Moscow recreates the ambience of a Parisian flat

A modern London flat in a 200-year-old building

Curated chaos in a London townhouse remodel

The renovation of a 1830s townhouse in NYC

This beautiful turn of the century Swedish home

A modern three-family house located in Hanoi, Vietnam

A treehouse-inspired cabin in Estonia

This whimsical Los Angeles guesthouse

A building in Barcelona with yellow façade elements

Peek inside these incredible artist homes

A visit to Joan Miró’s studio

Architecture and bold geometry fragment Cubist portraits

Architect designs and draws a new house every day for a year

Visit the studio of a Dutch artist who makes dazzling collages with found images (thanks Bobby)

The minimalist paintings of Carsten Beck

Guy who "can't draw" is actually a genius artist and raises $83k for charity (this made me laugh)

New work by French artist JR raises awareness of Australian river system (thanks Francesca)

Meet two entertaining convicted art forgers (thanks Dak)

A missing painting has been hanging on a NYC apartment wall for 80 years

COVID-19 study says museums are safer than any other indoor activity

A neuroscientist reveals the science-backed benefits art has on our health

Why KAWS’s global success may well be a symptom of a depressed culture

Forty Mexican artists take over the Museo Tamayo in Mexico City

Melbourne artist creates ceramics inspired by ancient Mesoamerican culture

New York–based furniture designer and professor Gregory Beson discusses the beauty of tangible materials

Galerie Philia presents 40 international designers in New York City

Bower Studios explores perceptions of depth, light and self with their mirrors (thanks El)

Richard Serra sculpture finds permanent home inside charred timber pavilion (thanks Olga)

These New York architects turned their West Village walk-up into a design showroom

The unbelievable story of how sculptor Arturo Di Modica handbuilt his building in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood

A bohemian speakeasy and nightclub with a treehouse existed in 1920s Washington D.C. (thanks Sonia)

Turn old photos of your relatives into moving videos

Prague artist repaints vintage photos with oil paint

Realistic-looking humans are becoming easier and easier to make from thin air

Artificial intelligence and the end of work

Truck-mounted robot arm builds structures from a digital file

The first 3D-printed house is for sale in New York (thanks Rob)

Thirteen remote jobs for architects and designers

Fifteen-year-old states his case for feeling architecture

Architizer’s annual one photo challenge is now open for entries

In conjunction with The Whitney’s Kamoinge Workshop exhibition is an online talk with KW members Adger Cowans, Herb Robinson and Beuford Smith tonight at 7pm EST (Wednesday March 3)

Lastly, I’m excited for the second volume of one of my favorite books Surf Shacks (not sure why I’m mentioning this last ¯\_(°ペ)_/¯ )

That’ll bring this week’s newsletter to a close. Seriously, thank you all for reading this far. Tell your friends to sign up. They’ll probably thank you for it later. As always, send links and feedback over to capa@bloodandchampagne.com. I welcome your messages. Until next week.