Welcome to this week’s link dump. First off, thanks to everyone for letting me into your inbox.

I know sometimes I might send links that are behind a paywall and you’re unable to read. There’s a simple trick to help get around that. Reload the page and then stop loading it before it completes. Most of the time that does the trick but sometimes it takes a few tries. Also, you can try searching for the headline and you’ll usually find the article on another site. Additionally if any links are not in your native language, Google Translate works pretty well. Now let’s get started.

For the record, this lake in Patagonia is not supposed to be neon pink.

This sustainable home pays homage to midcentury modern aesthetics

A concrete house is perched over rocky crag in Canada

Does anyone want to become a treehouse designer?

This Frank Lloyd Wright-esque treehouse in the woods is on the market for $299K

An LA home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright hits the market at $4.25M

A cabin made of hempcrete rises in a remote corner of the Czech Republic

A geometric concrete home in Greece enjoys generous views of the Aegean Aea

Sleek white minimal home in Mexico with an indoor pool

A home in an Arizona valley with a deep appreciation for desert plant life, desert conservation and sustainability

A beautifully landscaped brutalist home in Texas

A war-era prefab makes way for a breezy bungalow in Los Angeles

Pigmented patterned concrete used in London home renovation

New Parisian hotel is inspired by 60s & 70s design

It is now possible to stay in a UFO

How to build a hotel in Antarctica

Ten new nature-focused hotels for the future forward traveler

Off-grid hobbit house offers eco-living for $460K

A mini wooden house on the Tasmanian coast

This small cabin with movable walls can adapt to any occasion, mood, or weather condition

Everything you need to know about yurts

A family of four lives inside this converted school bus in Alabama

This Berlin home is a cabinet of curiosities

Interior designer transforms 1950s beachfront cottage in Southern California into bohemian retreat for herself and her family

Inside a 1955 vintage gem with modern flair

The remarkable transformation of a victorian home in Fitzroy

Cozy Aussie cottage hides a sleek renovation behind a heritage facade

Midcentury vibes in the hills of Byron Bay

Minimal apartment in Spain emphasizes original construction features and architectural decorative elements

I usually don’t like to share renderings but this one is for a floating pool on a Prague river so I’m going to share it anyway

Vitra builds the perfect office to entice staff to return to work

The abandoned homes of Upstate New York

Gorgeous wall tiles made from eggshells

Hundred-year-old villa on the French Riviera opens after years-long renovation

Pristine Bauhaus villa by Mies van der Rohe student is for sale for $2M

Another Bauhaus villa in Poland

New documentary re-tells László Moholy-Nagy’s radical reboot of the Bauhaus in Chicago

I shared this screening of The New Bauhaus six months ago but I’ll put it in again because I love you guys and want you to watch it for free

How the CIA used American modern art as a weapon in the Cold War

How advanced technology is stopping art thieves, looters, and fraudsters from hatching their schemes

Antiquities restorer charged with possession of looted pieces worth $32M

A Margaret Keane 'big eyes’ painting stolen in 1974 has been recovered

Watch police drop recovered stolen Picasso painting worth tens of millions of dollars

German socialite jailed for theft in fraudulent sale of Kusama sculpture

Major museum and art gallery shops duped by fake Indigenous carver

Native American artist creates contemporary homages to sacred events and practices

Margaret Kilgallen's retrospective hits The Netherlands

There are two new exhibitions up right now featuring the work of Andy Warhol - one in China and one in Canada

Uniqlo celebrates Warhol, Basquiat and Haring’s art

Saint Laurent pays tribute to Jean-Michel Basquiat

150 Brooklyn middle and high school students that were taught about Basquiat in the past year are having an art show

Artist takes over San Francisco Museum with her sculptures

New match-making app connecting artists to art buyers

What will happen to your music library when Spotify dies?

The day the good internet died (RIP Google Reader)

Is the internet responsible for the death of the style tribes?

Writer who coined the term “cyberspace” in 1982 says today's internet is nothing like what he envisioned

How to get back to a restful night’s sleep

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