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Welcome to this week’s newsletter. Thanks for letting me into your inbox. I’m trying out a new Friday morning delivery because why not? But mainly because I had a crazy week. I’ll start with a piece of news that disturbed me but luckily has a happy ending.

Basquiat’s estate has an NFT pulled from auction after the seller offered the purchaser the option of destroying the original (Thank goodness but also WTAF?!)

Side note: watch this great documentary which has some of the best Basquiat footage I’ve ever seen

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston has extended its Writing the Future: Basquiat and the Hip-Hop Generation exhibit

An immersive mixed-reality Banksy extravaganza will be New York City this Summer

Dole teams up with ‘Hungry Artist’ who ate $120K banana at Miami Art Basel 2019 for NFT collection to raise awareness about food insecurity and malnutrition

Californian man is unsuccessful in his attempt to cash in on the NFT craze by auctioning one with an actual house

In good news, this NFT chair is now available as an actual chair

As auctioneers and artists rush into NFTs, many collectors are staying away

Valentino cofounder to sell $50M Basquiat at Christie’s

Is this the art crime of the century? (a perfect time to use audioblogs)

The perks and pitfalls of turning your home into a gallery

Inside the beautiful NYC apartment of the late designer Doris LaPorte Fingerhood

The home of an interior designer in South Wales

Rustic and industrial elements are mixed in this architect’s kitchen space that was designed by a Swedish digital kitchen company

This office looks more like a home or an art gallery than it does an office

A sleek minimal home in Copenhagen

Hundred-year-old Swiss apartment is given a new lease on life

Swanky new NYC apartment will lower your bed and stuff from the ceiling

Hungarian artist fakes being a billionaire to infiltrate Manhattan’s ultra-luxury high-rises for a book of intentionally unartful photos

A new book about architecture and capitalism reveals the problem with today’s mode of criticism

Haunting photos reveal a massive abandoned Turkish town of Disneyesque castles

A wooden Japanese-inspired apartment building in Paris built within the courtyard of a 1970s housing complex

Stitched of tactility, tasteful details and brutalist qualities, this home in Madrid is a confident debut for a young architect and her practice

Japandi ‘headspace’ architecture in the Canadian forest

A “mushroom” guesthouse built in a Chinese pine forest pays homage to local folklore

The first house to be 3D printed from raw earth

You can now download and 3D print over 17,000 scans of famous artworks

Italian police discover looted ancient Roman sculpture in Belgian antiques shop

Stolen medieval artifacts recovered from Sicilian collector’s home

A construction crew working at the Uffizi in Florence accidentally uncovered two long-lost Renaissance-era frescoes

A giant duck by French sculptor Francois Lalanne sells for more than $2M at auction

Flos lamp by Achille Castiglioni was inspired by a game

Knockoffs threaten designers’ livelihood but companies are fighting back

What a Swiss army knife with 73 functions looks like

This tiny cabin made from a shipping container is completely self-sufficient

Remarkable modernist LA houses for sale right now

What is the real threat of AI to the architecture profession?

If you’re looking for a summer internship in New York City these architecture firms are currently hiring

SVA students illustrate extraordinary New Yorker-inspired covers that imagine post-pandemic life (seen above)

‘Disaster Girl’ has sold her popular meme as an NFT for half a million dollars and plans to use the money to pay off her student loans and to donate to charity

Berkeley students unveil process that makes biodegradable plastics truly compostable

Antarctica's first flag aims to give the uninhabited continent a voice in the climate crisis

I think the kids are going to be alright. Thanks for being a reader and tell your friends to read too. See you all next week and enjoy the weekend.