Twenty Five Cents

Well here we are. It looks like we’ve made it through another week and it is HOT is NYC right now. Apparently it’s worse over in Oregon where the heat is literally melting Portland’s infrastructure so I’ll stop complaining. This week I’ll kick things off with another story in the news right now that I found entertaining.

Owner of California’s “Flintstone House” settles lawsuit over dinosaur sculptures

The origins of the Flintstone House as explained by the architect who designed it

Reminds me of these tiny dome homes along the Persian Gulf

A Corsican promenade contrasts a massive fortress and the rocky coastline that anchors it

Danish Parliament approves controversial artificial island to protect Copenhagen from rising seas

A laser circling the planet right now shows how catastrophic rising sea levels will be

Cities that are saving the planet

The case for relocating entire cities

A ten-story apartment building in China is erected in just 28 hours

A modular, prefabricated building system from the 80s that could be built by two people

Why does it cost so much to build things in America?

Here comes a new trend: construction on virtual land

In Japan, a countryside home could be yours for under $500

Japanese playgrounds are works of art

A library is built on a reservoir pond in Osaka

Welcome to the most sustainable floating neighborhood in Europe

A concrete home overlooking the bay in Sydney

A soulful home in Melbourne that preserves the essence of its Victorian-era origins

This lengthy shed-style home in Australia incorporates living, cooking and agricultural facilities

A 19th century barn is revived as a cozy mountain retreat in the Czech Republic

A modern extension is added to a 16th century home

A geometric residence engages in honest conversation with natural surroundings in Mexico

Life inside a brutalist-inspired concrete home in London

Former garage transformed into secluded home pays homage to the rich architectural vernacular of the street

A Toronto home inspired by Italian heritage

Inside NY-based Australian architectural designer and artist's Hamptons family home and creative studio

A creative couple’s sustainable Catskills getaway

Californian desert retreat fifteen minutes from Joshua Tree lists for $899K

This Los Angeles home is all about natural tones and clean lines

Midcentury home in LA hits the market for the first time ever

The ultra-wealthy are buying up historic modernist homes for their collections

Top-floor penthouse of Manhattan supertall tower lists for $169M

Fully restored La Samaritaine department store opens in Paris after an $894M restoration that has kept the building closed for 16 years

Spend the night in a French gallery that occupies a 1950s home

A small flat decorated and once inhabited by Italian Futurist is open to the public for the first time

There’s a new Calder-Picasso exhibit at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta

Authorities have just recovered Picasso and Mondrian paintings that were brazenly stolen from Greece's National Gallery in 2012

Portuguese art collector and museum founder has been arrested over alleged ties to a multimillion-dollar fraud scheme

A former Egyptian MP has been detained over looted antiquities

A painting fell off the wall and went in for conservation and ends up being a long-lost Rembrandt worth up to $240M

A painting bought at a small town dump for $4 turned out to be by David Bowie and just sold for more than $87K

Researchers have discovered a bookmark drawn on by Vincent van Gogh hidden inside an old novel

Infinite architectural metropolises balance order and chaos in artist's intricate drawings

Digital artist creates Utopian Surrealist spaces that may not be too far away (seen below)

The cheapest ride to space is in a balloon-towed capsule for $125K

IKEA prepares for extraterrestrials with assembly manuals for aliens

A single band of tubular steel is made into a chair using the same manufacturing processes of the common bike rack

There’s a Statue of Liberty lying down and relaxing on the green grass of a NYC park right now (current mood)

Kenny Scharf documentary spotlights an ’80s downtown New York cult figure in search of fun

Running around with Andy Warhol

‘Banksy: Genius or Vandal?’ is opening in LA and some Banksy fans are not pleased

Hunter MFA grads mull the fluid nature of time

Industrial design student creates camera that tricks your boss into thinking you’re working

A space-saving folding desk that doubles as a decorative shelf

Japanese initiative empowers local communities through design

What if remote work didn’t mean working from home?

The hybrid workplace probably won’t last

The distraction-free benefits of five-hour work days

How to get back your creative spark after suffering months of 'lockdown brain fog'

Why you should consider giving up social media and cancel Amazon Prime

Is the internet a collective hallucination?

I think I’ll end on that note. As always, I’m grateful you let me creep into your inbox each week. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back in a week or two. Probably two since I’m going to have limited internet access next week. Until then, listen to any radio station in the world online. Or better yet, just get off-line altogether.