Third Time's a Charm

Hi. Me again. Because of the upcoming holidays, this week’s newsletter will be slightly shorter than the previous ones. I hope everyone is able to spend some time with the people important to them.

Here we go:

Apparently more important than a Christmas tree, is the old oak tree this Australian home was built around

Luckily no trees were harmed during the construction of this tiny concrete house built in the middle of a forest clearing or this Southern California home surrounded by old oak trees

Former arborist, Ido Yoshimoto, has taken his extensive knowledge of trees into his furniture and sculptures

Now’s your chance to live in a home built into the earth in Vermont

Or you can buy an unusual Joshua Tree container home that hasn’t even been built yet

If prefab homes are your thing, here’s a tiny one you can take with you anywhere, another that is foldable and another one covered in mirrored glass which kind of makes it look invisible

NYC architect, Adam Wiesehan, designed his own floating container home that’s docked in Queens, NY

Also located in the same Rockaway Beach marina is this beautiful double wide houseboat

Follow the epic five-month arctic journey of two architects and a dog in a converted marine survival lifeboat

This modern home in Stinson Beach, California will make you feel like you’re living on a boat even though it’s on land

Australia’s Great Mackerel Beach is where you can find the remote rustic fisherman’s shack, the Little Black Shack

An old sailboat workshop in Martha’s Vineyard has been converted into a home that definitely does not look safe for children

The Post House coastal tavern and inn features a perfect mix of old and new in South Carolina

Meanwhile, a Dutch architecture firm is building an underwater museum around a 271-year-old shipwreck

Just as Ocean Cleanup prepares production of their floating garbage trucks to clean up polluted rivers

Watch the new film about America’s fight for public lands, from actor Robert Redford & Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard

Listen to Robert Redford’s album on the music of wolves

Artist Julia Christensen is teaming up with NASA to send the music of living trees into outer space

* Sidenote - if you’re into learning how trees communicate I highly recommend reading the book, The Hidden Life of Trees

While the European Space Agency is trying to clean up space junk

The highest city in the world (which makes it the closest city to space), celebrates its indigenous culture with psychedelic architecture

Probably influenced by psychedelics were some of the designers responsible for the most iconic nightclubs

And the music played inside probably contributed to some amazing experiences

Since we’re now talking about psychedelics, I’d like to mention how happy I am that they’re becoming more accepted as a medical treatment

I think we’re going to need all the help we can get as we head into the new year

That’s it for this week. Thank you for following along - misspellings and grammatical errors and all. I’m extremely fortunate to have all of you. And I just realized this newsletter turned out longer than I thought so consider that my gift to you. Happy Holidays everyone.

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