Sweet Sixteen

Hello everyone. This week’s list is short but sweet. Quality over quantity.

This asymmetrical concrete building in Tokyo makes the most of a small plot of land (thanks Madoka)

California ease merges with Japanese tranquility in a former hardware store residence (thanks Eric)

A lakeside retreat draws on Japanese, Scandinavian and Shaker influences

An elegant off-grid home in New Zealand

A photographic homage to Hawaiian Modernism

An earthy dream space in Brazil

A Brazilian a-frame eco-cabin rises among towering palms

This eco-conscious plug-and-play cabin could disrupt the hospitality industry

A serene mountain retreat in Taiwan

A hidden wine cave embedded into a Texas hillside

A tea house in Taipei City built from sentimental objects

Skate culture inspires the design of a coffee shop in Seoul

A semi-detached minimal residence in Munich

A dramatic extension to a historic Melbourne heritage home

A reclaimed brick extension for a house built in the 1860s

Two-bedroom home in an East London building built in 1828 is for sale

A 19th century house in Paris

Mid-century design for a pre-war apartment in Warsaw

A perfectly preserved 1950s prefab house with original mid-century modern furniture is up for sale

Do mid-century photographer Ezra Stoller’s images hold up in the present day?

Berlin’s unique brutalist architecture from the 1950s to present is documented in new printed map

Is it time for brutalist architecture on the moon?

An Upper West Side NYC playground built by Costantino Nivola in 1964 has been destroyed

Photographer documents New Yorkers in their apartments (thanks Mac)

The digital NFT house that I shared last week just sold for $515K

While a Basquiat painting just sold for $41.8M in Hong Kong

Public space is restored in an Albanian village with carpet-inspired design

An entire magazine dedicated to the rug

APC unveils edition of quilts made from upcycled fabrics

Time-honored rug making methods are used in these handwoven Moroccan rugs

The amazing handmade wooden sculptures of Ariele Alasko

The new Alexander Calder exhibit is now on view at the MoMA

Lastly, if you’re looking for something new to listen to, my friend Khairi has been compiling monthly mixes from friends for nearly ten years

That’s it for this week. Say more with less. I’ll be back next week. Thanks for reading.