Rule 26

Alright here it is. Better late than never right? It was a little hard to find a flow this week but there’s some good stuff in the newsletter nonetheless. Here we go.

The FBI has busted a Mexican politician for hawking fake Basquiat & Keith Haring artwork after catching him red-handed

Sections of wall bearing a Keith Haring mural removed from a three-story stairwell of a NYC youth home are now on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

A Picasso painting sells for $150,000 after sitting forgotten in a Maine closet for fifty years

Greek construction worker who stole Picasso & Mondrian paintings explains the heist

Meet the art sleuth leading the Louvre's efforts to return stolen works

The best virtual museum tours in the world

Italian museum uses cameras to calculate how many visitors look at a painting and how much time they spend with it

The most shocking shifts of the post-pandemic art world

Artist Banksy ‘hijacked’ a painting of Mount Rainier to make a point and now it’s worth millions

While someone else is trying to cash in on their Banksy by making it an NFT without the artist’s knowledge

An interview with the artist who posed as a Hungarian billionaire to gain access to and photograph NYC’s most expensive apartments

Fifty photographers for your next interior shoot

Inside LA’s ultimate mid-century modern home

A look inside the famed Flintstone House

Capsules to be unplugged from Nakagin Capsule tower and regenerated as new place to stay

Another failed modernist planning icon bites the dust

Minimalism, expressionism, and experimentalism brought to life in perfect balance in this brutalist home in Egypt

A compact cement home with a sense of spaciousness in Athens and another that makes nice use of color

Art, architecture and nature collide in dramatic new concrete art pavilion in South Korea

This concrete and glass house opens onto the Sydney Harbor

New museum in Thailand ‘rises from the earth’ to defy the laws of gravity and celebrate agriculture

Everything you need to know about Brazilian modernism

Cross-laminated lumber used for additional floor of Munich housing block

Lumber prices are falling fast after COVID-19 disruption

The Japanese temple that is repeatedly torn down and rebuilt

A traditional home in the Japanese countryside

The renovation of a traditional Japanese house

A Japanese-inspired home in east London

A Victorian home in London with an understated aesthetic

An 1890s Brooklyn townhouse, reinvented for modern times

A sun-drenched Manhattan loft

The renovation of a penthouse in Spain

A surfer’s house in Cyprus that stands above the ground

One designer's refuge inspired by travel and another’s 1930s duplex

A minimal apartment in Sydney

Two art focussed neoclassical homes

You can now spend the night inside the Palace Versailles for $2,000 a night

A 1,000-year-old castle in Italy’s Umbrian hills is reopening as a hotel

The dynamic architectural drawings of the Italian futurists (seen above)

Getty Foundation awards $1.55M to museums exhibiting historic architecture drawings

Vintage images of American living rooms and dens from the 1950s

A Catskills lodge that was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright

This tiny cabin in Maine comes with an entire island for $399K

A revamped retreat in Joshua Tree

Simple-to-build, streamlined cabins for remote living

The personal office pod, designed to provide an ideal remote work space

Dropbox is reimagining the office with a new concept

NYC gallery/boutique Nalata Nalata shares origin story on their revamped website

Legendary American furniture company Herman Miller is now MillerKnoll

A chair that’s a colorful tribute to Marcel Breuer

Furniture made from burnt cork

Animal heads made from woven grass

Lush tropical plants sprout from brightly colored murals

Immersive whale and waterfall digital art installation appears in New York's Times Square

Guerrilla wi-fi comes to NYC

How to delete yourself from social media

Does this conversation need to be a meeting? Does anything?

Okay I know that last link was a wildcard but I found it amusing. That’s all I have for you this week. Like it. Send it to a friend. See you next go-around. Thanks for reading and still being a subscriber.