Ocean's Eleven

Greetings everyone. Here we are back at it again. This week’s title seems fitting since I always seem to include water-related and art heist links. Although surprisingly no one sent me anything whale-related this week. You guys are slacking. But as usual there’s no shortage of Brutalist links so let’s get into it.

Lots of amazing concrete homes everywhere lately but this minimalist one right on the beach on Australia’s Gold Coast in one of my favorites

In Sydney, this swanky concrete townhouse is about to head to auction

Also in Sydney, a cottage receives a sleek concrete addition

A hotel on Japan’s Fukue Island has windows that are carved right out of the concrete

This Brutalist fort-shaped home overlooks Hiroshima Bay

This concrete residence is found on Sweden’s Gotland Island

Yet another amazing concrete building in Mexico

On the side of a hill in Oaxaca, this home overlooks the ocean

In Greece, one house disappears into the landscape while another emerges

After 20 years, an architect finally finishes his breathtaking beach house

A concrete monolith residence in Portugal

A modern home in Latvia

A guide to modern Japanese interior design

The Copenhagen home of a Danish design fan

Design students in Stockholm collaborate with leading furniture manufacturers to develop product prototypes

A beautiful new Danish bookcase system

Take a virtual tour of Neutra VDL House in California

Watch this documentary celebrating the life and career of Julius Shulman, the world's greatest architectural photographer, whose images brought modern architecture to the American mainstream

Preservationists launch effort to protect cherished Art Deco lobby in Manhattan building

Landmarks Preservation Commission should preserve the past but not block the future

The next generation of architects will remake how we make things

Photographer documents the architectural ghosts of racial discrimination across the United States

For $8M, this Tribeca loft comes with an original Keith Haring mural

How to tell if a Keith Haring is fake

British fashion writer Simon Doonan speaks about his new Keith Haring book

Sotheby’s Paris is about to auction off Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s personal art collection

A private viewing of the new Brooklyn KAWS exhibition with the artist himself

A $31M Basquiat is expecteed to become the most expensive western work ever auctioned in Asia

This California home is filled with over 300 works of art

A NY man is charged in attempted robbery of an Andy Warhol portrait by Robert Mapplethorpe

Greek police get a lead on a stolen Picasso

The 25 greatest art heists of all time

LEGO to produce Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’

Why art benefits your mental health

The scientific benefits of daydreaming

Glowy, gauzy diagrams are the self-help books of the Instagram age

Treating mental health issues with virtual reality, Zoom therapy and LSD

An exploration of the psychedelic experience through design and branding

Interview with the founder of psychedelics-focused magazine, DoubleBlind

A guide through the most mind-blowing psychedelics research

New visual search engine finds related images by style and mood (!!)

A place for digital artists, crypto natives and collectors to come together

Why collect digital art NFTs?

New Anime Architecture book constructs the future by pulling from the past while Hong Kong Neon preserves a city’s rich visual identity

A new B2B agency launches a subscription service filled with not-your-average designer samples

Interior designer incorporates 1% fee on her invoices to donate to non-profits providing critical services to those without housing

A vacant lot in North Hollywood is converted into a colorful tiny home village for the homeless

Architecture firm creates colorful domed buildings in Iran

Eye-catching hand-carved stone sculptures

Ceramic lamps paired with delicate paper and bamboo shades

New book takes you inside the homes of the world's most creative people

Find yourself an architecturally interesting fixer-upper for under $100K

The world's largest open collection of architecture magazines has over 3 million downloadable pages

Lastly, including Adam Curtis’s new 6-part documentary may be out of left field since it isn’t about architecture or art but one could argue that it’s art itself so I’ll share it anyway and tell you you can watch it here

This week’s newsletter might have gone off the rails slightly with those psychedelic links but I was in a mood and it’s something I find interesting. Anyway, thanks for being here with me. Hit me up at capa@bloodandchampagen.com to say hello or to tell me not include any more weird links. I welcome them either way. See you all next week.