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Thirteen Alvar Aalto buildings in Finland are being proposed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites

A few weeks ago I shared a whale-shaped marine observatory in Australia and it looks like there’s another whale-inspired building in the works at a popular whale-watching site on a Norwegian island within the Arctic Circle

On a tiny island in New York’s East River is one of the country’s largest jails, Rikers. As New York prepares to close it, architects are exploring what can be built in its place.

Prison furniture and fixtures are designed with a focus on anti-harm while still fulfilling their original function

San Fransisco workshop is teaching formerly incarcerated people how to make furniture using discarded materials from construction sites

The New York City MTA sparks backlash for saying it removed benches from subway stations to ‘prevent the homeless from sleeping on them

This is probably a good time to bring up hostile architecture

Meanwhile a city in Germany is providing sleep capsules to protect the unhoused from freezing to death. Although I think their location by a cemetery is a strange choice given how they slightly resemble coffins.

Speaking of cemeteries, here’s an illustrated guide to the gravesites of famous architects

Soon we’re going to be able to use Microsoft’s chat bot to talk with the dead

Why are tech moguls obsessed with building utopian cities?

Saudi Arabia reveals a hundred-mile-long linear city plan

Le Corbusier's Radiant City concept inspires urban planning in The Netherlands

Muji is revitalising old housing complexes in Japan and they look really nice

Ten ways architects are reimagining home design

Photographer Juergen Teller’s six-foot wide skinniest house in London is for sale for $1.3 million

A French home designed by Le Corbusier in the 1920s is for sale

Watch James Cutler talk about how he was just as inspired building an 8 x 10 shed/studio for his daughter as he was designing Bill Gates’ 66,000 square foot home

Cutler also designed this beach house on the Oregon Coast

A mid-century home in Melbourne

Lots of concrete in this minimal house in Sweden

In Mexico, this little concrete holiday home sits in the middle of nowhere

A coastal retreat in Sri Lanka brings Brutalism to a tropical setting

The most controversial architecture style is apparently making a comeback and is about to take over your living room 

NYC-based Colony is a community of independent furniture, lighting, textile and object designers

A minimal metal lamp cut from a single sheet of raw metal

How to shop for furniture on Instagram

Two architects turn their NYC apartment into a showroom

High-end furniture designed to hide your weed stash

I hope one day my collection of furniture and objects is as amazing as Isamu Noguchi’s

Artist Duke Riley creates original scrimshaws made from found discarded plastic found on Brooklyn’s beaches in new exhibition

Petition launches to save artifacts of Brooklyn’s Dead Horse Bay ahead of radioactive waste cleanup

Kenyan woman’s startup recycles plastic into bricks that are stronger than concrete

A New York man discovered a secret attic in his home containing a trove of historic photographs including a rare portrait of Susan B. Anthony

NY-based artist KAWS shares his amazing art collection

There’s also a great feature on KAWS in the latest New York Times Magazine

Tickets to the upcoming KAWS show at the Brooklyn Museum have just been released

Revisit the moment Jean-Michel Basquiat was an awkward DJ in a Blondie music video (I also see a young Lee Quinones)

According to Christies, these are the best art documentaries to watch right now

Listen to the MoMA’s love stories from art history

Art history’s most romantic embraces

Several Bauhaus books from the 1920s have recently been translated into English and republished

Printed Matter's virtual art book fair is only two weeks away so register today

Lastly but most importantly, over the past 6 months Ibrahem Hasan has poured his heart and soul into his Love Is Why project whereby 100% of the proceeds will be used to purchase laptops for students of the Brooklyn Democracy Academy in Brownsville, New York. Earlier this year, the students of BDA lost their beloved principal Dez-Ann Romain to COVID-19. She was 36. The project is a curated non-linear storytelling experience with contributions from Black creatives alongside Ibrahem's art and photography, as well as images collected from the public domain. Let's help make life a little easier for these students and purchase the beautiful book or donate on the link above if you can. 

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