Fourteen Points

Compiling the links in this newsletter is never an easy task. Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with a theme and even more challenging connecting each link to the previous one. I never really know which direction it’s heading until I get started. I do know all is quiet in the stolen art world so unfortunately there’s no new heist news to report. Instead, I’ll be celebrating women and sharing some female photographers in honor of Women’s History Month in addition to the usual architecture & interior links

Since I’m currently sitting at home, I’ll start off with this incredible gut renovation of a four-story Brooklyn brownstone right in my own neighborhood

Scroll down towards the bottom of this page to see the before photos

Here’s another renovation in Brooklyn, this time in a loft that was once a bakery

A few weeks ago I wrote about a six-foot wide apartment for sale in London and more photos have just surfaced

An amazing riverside live/work space is also for sale in west London

Here’s a classy modern concrete apartment in Ukraine

A minimalist industrial loft in Lithuania

There’s a brutalist-inspired loft apartment for sale in Sydney

A director’s beautiful brutalist Los Angeles home hits the market

A David Lynch-inspired dental clinic in Valencia

Alvar Aalto's concrete silo is turning into a research center

Tadao Ando’s curved concrete Ito House asks $7M in Tokyo

A house in Osaka with a trapezoid front

Cement, wood and glass for a home in Ecuador

An architect’s compact and clever Fitzroy family home

A remarkable barn in NY’s Hudson Valley

This a-frame cabin in the woods of Minneapolis is available to rent

These modern a-frame cabin kits are for sale

These complementary wooden cabins are in the middle of a Polish forest

Snøhetta designs outdoor care retreats in Oslo

They are also adding a sky-facing auditorium to Oslo’s Kon-Tiki Museum

Watch the 1950 documentary about the Kon-Tiki expedition

Achieving an equal future for women in architecture

Female-led interior design studios that should be on your radar

Charlotte Perriand’s trailblazing interiors are being recreated for a new exhibition

Ten women artists with major museum shows in 2021

A selection of interviews with great female creatives

Photographer Margaret Morton spent over thirty years documenting New York City’s homeless residents and their ad hoc dwellings

There’s a new Vivian Maier exhibition in Helsinki

Watch the fascinating documentary Finding Vivian Maier

Berenice Abbott gained success as a portrait photographer but it was her documentation of New York which would become her life-long passion

Lucia Moholy’s photos documenting the architecture and products of the Bauhaus are finally being remembered and no longer misappropriated

Hilla Becher spent over thirty years documenting industrial beauty in the form of anonymous sculptures

The photography of Hélène Binet captures the atmospheric qualities of architecture and emphasizes the interaction between structure and natural light

Mildred Thompson’s confounding abstractions

Joan E Biren’s long-lost lesbian family album

French architects Caroline and Cyril Desroche document the everyday architecture and urban planning which visually defines the unique cityscape of Los Angeles

Los Angeles hopes to cut housing red tape with preapproved ADU designs

Imagine your flexible office work future

I wish this tugboat could be my work-from-home office

'I get better sleep' say the people who quit social media

An annoying interview with fake heiress Anna Delvey who was just released from prison

That’s all I got this week. Thank you reading. And to the new subscribers, I welcome you. I can be reached by sending an email to See you next week.