Final Four

Welcome to the final newsletter of 2020. I’ll keep it short and sweet since I’m supposed to be digital detoxing this week.

I’ve lived in NYC for the majority of my life and I only just now learned about the Villa Charlotte Brontë, a cliffside co-op located in the Bronx

Did you know that your old radiator was designed to fight a pandemic a hundred years ago?

Winter in NYC usually makes me think of cold concrete so a visit to Marcel Breuer’s Brutalist building is the perfect way to warm my insides

The Sunset Chapel built on top of an Acapulco hill would probably have a similar effect if you were there for, well, a sunset

Both this church in China and this one in Spain use that same trick with the natural light shining in

Two Brutalist homes - a Brazilian one and a Greek one on the side of a cliff

Also in Greece is the House 6° set on a six degree angle

This residence in Dublin, Ireland also follows a minimalist theme

So does this beach house located in Oaxaco, Mexico

Southern Australia is where you’ll find two more beautiful beach-front homes - one and two

This incredible Japanese-inspired home in Columbia is designed by 5 Sólidos and makes me want to move to the jungle right now

I can’t think of a good follow-up to that place so I’ll just shift to something meaningful that might save us all - Lo-TEK - the cumulative body of multigenerational knowledge, practices, and beliefs, that counter the idea that indigenous innovation is primitive and exists isolated from technology - Traditional Ecological Knowledge

In Italy, LCA Architetti has used cork, straw and timber to build a simple and sustainable house

In Sweden, these affordable solar homes produce as much energy as they use

An engineering student in the Philippines just developed solar panels made from food waste

Here’s an article on why being stuck at home drains your creativity

Not sure if prolific art forger Mark Landis would agree

This is the most stolen painting in history

And these were the most expensive artworks sold in 2020

Lastly, coming in at $150,000, is the most valuable Hot Wheels

Alright. That just about does it for this week, as well as this year. See you all in 2021. I wish you all the best. And thanks for being here.

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