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Here we are at this week’s newsletter. To all my new subscribers, welcome to the party. And to all my existing readers, thanks for being here with me again. I promise I made this week’s list of links worth your time. There are some good ones down there. Thanks to everyone who sent in links: Neva, Ruby, Johan, Max, Charlotte, Eldrich, Christoph, Angeline and Milly. Let’s get started.

The second installment of Palm Spring Modernism Week is now underway

Mies van der Rohe’s masterpiece Farnsworth House was originally a complete catastrophe and involved a law suit

Geometry rules this architect’s dramatic modernist coastal retreat

A striking house built into a rocky outcrop in British Columbia

Three micro cabins are connected by web of outdoor decks on an island off the coast of Maine

Interconnected gabled volumes form this Long Island home

A contemporary, wedge-shaped home nestled in a dramatic landscape in New Zealand

A surprise garden brings this 'pop-up' home to life

Concrete volumes and hidden patios in a Portuguese villa

Concrete, steel and glass define the exterior of this holiday home in California

This clever and compact Bondi home

Architecture in film from the 1960s to the 2020s: modernism, futurism and beyond

The Hearst Estate which was featured in The Godfather is on the market for $89.75M

Ai Weiwei's Tsai residence sells for almost $5M

Public Chinese bath turned into new studio and exhibition space

A concrete box residence in Mexico City

'Being an archibiotect is like being an haute couture designer'

Why is the modern world so ugly?

A conversation on the weird world of traditional architecture revivalism

Next Tuesday join a conversation with Rotor Deconstruction, a cooperative that organizes the reuse of construction materials through the dismantling, processing and trading of salvaged building components

A 1950s row house in Kyoto is restored to its original state using traditional techniques and materials

A Japanese hotel from the 70s has its internal floors removed and gains a grassy hill in a recent renovation

A beautiful fusion of Japanese schematics, mid-century design integrity, Scandinavian simplicity and native Australian sentiment in South Wales

The House of Finn Juhl is a hotel in Nagano that combines Danish interior design with natural Japanese surroundings

Brutalist sensibility and Scandinavian influence for the home of architect Mao Shen Chiang

A home in Barcelona belonging to an interior designer and a ceramist

Another Stockholm home filled with mid-century design icons

This 300-square-foot duplex apartment in Stockholm is perfectly comfortable

A cozy and comfortable Hong Kong apartment with a strong sense of style

Working at the intersection of long exposure photography and exploration of the built environment, Tom Blachford’s photographs transform environments into surreal and dreamlike worlds

The precarious state of the mom-and-pop store

In Brooklyn, two friends sell furniture with a fresh approach

A couch inspired by the elegant silhouette of 1960s Italian cars

Germans Ermičs creates refined and ethereal glass furniture

Street lanterns that open up towards passersby

Two new companies making similar tiled furniture out of Los Angeles - MANNI Design and Willow

All things are rarely equal

A hand-poured boombox candle

One of the best secondhand stores in New York is run by a Staten Island commune

Herman Miller’s new office line is the anti-cubicle

How architects and designers can improve office culture

You can be a different person after the pandemic

René Magritte’s portal to a better life

A photographer’s visual poem about solidarity and protest

New York-based graphic designer launches digital time-capsule of social distancing stickers

Why KAWS is the world’s most popular artist

Man admits stealing Andy Warhol paintings and attempting to sell fake versions on eBay

Every dealer’s nightmare: the inevitability of fakes

Dutch police have arrested a man suspected of brazenly stealing paintings by Van Gogh and Hals from locked-down museums

New Gardner Museum art heist documentary offers a fresh take

Watch another new true crime documentary about a maverick art dealer who executed an audacious swindle and made off with $50M

A painting was about to hit the auction block for $1,780 until experts discovered it might be worth millions

Ground / Breaking is the first sculpture exhibition to be sold online through Phillips X

The virtual world is taking over the real world

LACMA & Snapchat bring artist-designed augmented reality monuments to Los Angeles (and your home)

After astronomic market boom, NFT prices plummet

Sea of dead satellites and debris is forming an impenetrable capsule around the Earth

Aerial view of a trash-filled landscape looks like art

A $39,000 Louis Vuitton airplane bag

An anti-racist group is holding a confederate monument for ransom and has pledged to turn it into a toilet unless their demands are met

I think we’ll end with that. Hope you read this far and enjoyed most of the links. If you want to send me something, shoot an email over to capa@bloodandchampagne.com. See you next week.