Double Deuce

Here we are again with another installment of the newsletter. Thanks for opening your email and having a look. Glad you’re here with me. And a big thanks to those of you who’ve sent me links this past week. Let’s dig in.

The Royal Tenenbaums mansion is for rent in Harlem for $20K a month

New York City just approved a floating pool in the East River

Find and rent a local private pool by the hour (thanks Liv)

The beautiful renovation of a five-story 1830’s townhouse in Greenwich Village

Architect designs gracious minimal residence in Brisbane for a family member

This home in Spain is made from three interconnected concrete volumes

Concrete slabs and black steel boxes create home in Ecuador

A dreamy, nostalgic family home in Melbourne

This wooden guesthouse is hidden in a back garden in Los Angeles

Prefab modular grid system takes inspiration from honeycomb structures

A gentle brutalist masterpiece in Brisbane

Step inside a brutalist-inspired home on the French Riviera

A designer’s fun mid-century makeover of her ‘90s townhouse

Architect designs a barn for his artist father and another designs a home for himself and his family

A minimal apartment in Tokyo and another in Copenhagen

This Shaker kitchen in a turn-of-the-century Swedish apartment

Curved forms and soft tones define apartment in Kiev

This Warsaw apartment drips in luxurious tactility

Scoop up this compact, sun-kissed London flat for $450K

Rear home extension contains cloister-like rooms built around a central courtyard

Pigmented concrete is casted to create structural walls and decorative details throughout a home in London

Ten bright and bold interiors that make use of color theory

Montreal design studio introduce outdoor furniture collection infused with a boost of color

Aerial photographs of 1960s communal dining areas

Michael Heizer’s City in the Nevada desert is nearing completion after fifty years

James Turrell to unveil another Skyspace this year in the Colorado mountains

The evolution of land art from Walter De Maria to Doug Aitken

When cell phone towers cosplay as trees

French photographer captures nature overtaking abandoned architecture (thanks Lucy)

A ghost forest has sprung up in Manhattan

Keith Haring’s graffiti-covered refrigerator door recently sold at auction for $25K

A Basquiat painting sells for over $50M in Sotheby’s auction and another sells for over $90M at Christie’s

Sotheby's opens brick-and-mortar shop in NYC

How collectors can avoid buying forged works by Basquiat, Haring and Warhol

St Louis exhibition includes never-before-seen private collection of Haring's works (thanks Nicolai)

Isreali architect creates beautiful architectural illustrations that capture the unexpected mystery in everyday surroundings (thanks Erin)

Italian architect creates 23-piece puzzle for endless architectural creations

Monacelli Press sells great architecture books

Little Salmon sells essential products made from ethical and renewable sources

Do your part to improve world health by putting your website to sleep

The NFT gold rush is destroying digital history

NFTs may be the future of art — but are they threatening the future of the planet?

NASA backs RISD space design club projects

Can artists make contact with aliens?

Should we treat other planets like natural resources or national parks?

And lastly, why wood has gotten so dang expensive

That’ll bring this week’s list to an end. I hope you found something you enjoyed and maybe even learned something. I’ll be back next week with more. In the meantime, tell a friend to sign up. And go outside.