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Greetings fellow readers. I’ll keep this short so I can get this week’s newsletter out. I know you’re all dying of anticipation after not receiving one last week. I’m grateful you’re still here with me and super thankful for Hedi, Courtney, Simon and Liana for sharing a few links. I’m kicking the newsletter off today with two very cool things going on so check those out if they’re the only things you click.

Wednesday night I’ll be heading over to my favorite local cafe/bookstore Head Hi for a discussion on the design and experience of public space through the prism of the playground in New York. If you’re not in NYC you can still participate via Zoom. More info can be found here.

Next, Dazed magazine has announced its Art For Homeless Youth charity print sale with all proceeds going to Centrepoint, which provides housing and support for young people throughout the UK (I copped this one)

On the opposite end, hostile architecture is making more and more people uncomfortable

While some architects are now designing bird-friendly buildings

In New York City, an inverted supertall skyscraper is proposed

If you’ve ever wanted to climb outside a skyscraper to the top of Manhattan you can now do that

Meanwhile, low-rise buildings are the future – not skyscrapers

In Connecticut, Marcel Breuer's iconic brutalist building is being transformed into an eco-friendly boutique hotel

While other brutalist buildings are being threatened by right-wing politicians as part of "attack on the welfare state"

This loft-like home in Argentina is made of concrete and glass

A brutalist-inspired home in Australia maintains a breezy connection to the bush

A concrete and cork school is built in Portugal

This minimalist Portuguese vacation home is lined with locally-sourced pigmented lime mortar and cork

A modern home is tucked into the Mexican desert

Architects wedge Dutch Thy National Park visitor centre into dune landscape

In Dune, the architecture of the future is all about harmony with the landscape

International astronauts are simulating martian life in a remote desert in Israel

This small, portable space-age home from the 70s can now be yours

An 1880s train carriage home in Britain's only desert is also for sale

Artist transforms a Joshua Tree cabin into a surrealism-inspired rental

Will wonderland whimsy overtake the concrete block?

A monolithic Argentinian home set in stone and concrete

Converting an old military shed for cultural use

A former hat factory’s renovation is texturally mended based on the poetic Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi

What the old architecture of Japan looks like

A 76-year-old psychologist in New Zealand fulfills dream of building a Japanese tea house

A tiny, prefab cabin soaks up riverside views in Chile as this one hangs precariously over the Dolemites of Italy

This remote Chilean cabin appears to float above the forest floor

An iconic midcentury home is now for rent in New Jersey

This heart-warming home in Australia full of texture belongs to a photographer and art director couple

A 495-square-foot studio in Los Angeles goes from empty to enlightened

Constant experiments keep transforming this Toronto home

A hundred-year-old townhouse in Brooklyn gets a stylish and contemporary facelift

A fresh perspective on the role of a Chinese post office in the modern setting

Saudi Arabia is converting an oil rig into the world's first offshore extreme amusement and leisure park

Sydney mayor has plans for a swimmable harbor

How to stay grounded and motivated in the face of our climate crisis

Behind the scenes at Daniel Arsham's Bronze Sculpture Garden

Pair of sphinx lawn ornaments turn out to be ancient

A collector’s keen eye led to the rediscovery of a sculpture by a renowned stone carver that had been sitting on someone's porch for years

Cambodia says the Met Museum has dozens of its looted antiquities

A print bought by accident for $17 turned out to be by Lucian Freud and is expected to sell for over $16K at auction

A trove of recently rediscovered watercolors by Hilma af Klint are being sold, but only an institution can buy them

Six people were jailed in Spain for selling fakes of Goya online

The FBI has busted an artist for selling forged paintings purportedly by his former mentor Raymond Pettibon

Art collective sells original Andy Warhol drawing (worth $20K) mixed randomly into a stack of 999 exact forgeries

Rock legend Alice Cooper is selling the Warhol he forgot he owned - then found in his garage

The Whitney Museum of American Art has announced it will transfer an expansive archive of Andy Warhol’s cinema to the Museum of Modern Art

NYU acquires 200 works by prominent downtown artists, from Mapplethorpe to Basquiat

Artist Sam Francis gets his first comprehensive biography

A stealth artist has been replicating the ’80s street art of Richard Hambleton throughout Manhattan (seen above)

Kenny Scharf on brand collabs and what Basquiat would have done

Why are there so many Basquiat fashion collaborations?

Speaking of collabs, here are two weird Keith Haring ones - towels and sneakers by Reebok

Reebok also just released a collaboration with Eames

What Frank Lloyd Wright can teach us about comfort in the office

Revisiting the four-hour workweek

Lastly, if you’re lucky enough to be in Paris, go check out SF-based artist Barry McGee’s new show at Perrotin

That’ll bring this week’s installment to an end. Until next time, take care of yourselves and those close to you. And share this newsletter with them while you’re at it. Thanks, bye.