34th Street

Here we are again. Another week, another newsletter. Thanks to Malcolm, Liana, Mateo, Johan, Max, Ruby and Su for sharing links. Now enjoy the show.

New York City Planning Commission unanimously rejects plans for Brooklyn Botanic Garden-neighboring high-rise (been covering this for a while and finally looks like we’ve come to a happy end)

The tall, tubular exhaust pipes of New York City’s peaker plants leave a distinctive mark on an urban landscape

Thomas Heatherwick's new condominium building along the High Line in New York City is now complete

The Breuer building, an architectural icon and the former longtime home of the Whitney Museum of American Art, could soon have a new owner

A new book explores the story of Brutalist architecture in northern England

What you can learn from the architectural photographer Ezra Stoller

Le Corbusier's Couvent Sainte Marie de la Tourette

Chilean architect offers a perspective of urban transformation in London through series of photographs

An ambitious project is underway to stop a set of Second World War British forts from crumbling into the sea

A minimalist concrete home in Switzerland offers total privacy from passersby

Three stacked concrete houses in Madrid

Sitting sculpturally in its arid and unaltered surrounding landscape, a home is subtly disguised amongst its terrain

New 1,400-page book surveys centuries of global architecture embedded in the Earth

Architecture and design that makes the case for discomfort

The disruptive architecture of border walls

Working with Brian Eno on design principles for streets

Architect's city concept can house the population of the entire planet

Do urban forests only grow in renderings?

The next steps of humankind and a possible move to the future are imagined in dramatic renderings

Ten architectures for kids

A climate change-themed mini golf course opens in Brooklyn

A weekend getaway in Mexico that champions sustainability

300-year-old Swiss farmhouse gets a second life

Half-ruined stone barn from 1810 is converted into a new home

Edwardian bungalow in Melbourne integrates contemporary aesthetic into its historical narrative

An interior renovation to an existing Art Deco 1920s apartment

The renovation of a 3-story steel frame house in Osaka

The peaceful joy of the Japandi aesthetic

Scandinavian simplicity in a renovation in Los Angeles

A cozy Swedish apartment

A French photographer’s earthy home

Ancient metal workshop in Paris transformed into living units

A luminous micro-home peeks above the rooftops in Sydney

This cottage in the Czech Republic is inspired by a ship cabin

An architect’s elevated family home channels Mies van der Rohe on a German lakefront

A modern, Brazilian beach house with an interactive facade

The Sea Ranch master planner’s home is on the market for $8M

For a new generation of woodworkers, form follows function

Brightly colored hand-woven carpets from Argentina display shapes influenced by the Bauhaus

NY-based Home Studios designs second hotel project

Brussels gets its first women-only member’s club

Is Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s wrapped Arc de Triomphe a triumph?

Barcelona-based artist interprets classical stone sculptures with delicate pieces of antique linen

A broken frame and DNA traces leads to arrest in van Gogh theft

Is this $40M Basquiat painting the most expensive work at Art Basel? (seen above)

What causes a creative hot streak?

Logging off in 2021

A psychoanalytic reading of social media and the death drive

Selling the story of disinformation

The NFT scammers are here

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