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Hi. Me again. Welcome to this week’s newsletter. Special shout-out to Mark, Jeanne, Ian, Jan, Victoria, Marco and Charlotte for sending links my way. I’m kicking it off today with some local NYC-related news before getting into the usual flow of things.

New documentary about artist Dash Snow is showing in NYC for one week only starting tonight

How the art world came to embrace skateboard culture

The renegade skate-ramp builders of New York

Two enormous towers, a new park, and public beach proposed for Williamsburg waterfront in Brooklyn

Support shown for massive rezoning of Gowanus section of Brooklyn

City disapproves Brooklyn Botanic Garden-adjacent mega development

Snøhetta to reconstruct a modernized version of Knubben Harbor Bath in Norway

A deep dive on New York City’s public pools

Shipping container pools

A private island in the Hudson Valley with two Frank Lloyd Wright homes (one with a rooftop helipad) is for sale at $10M

A brutalist building by Marcel Breuer is reborn as a net-zero hotel in Connecticut

Georgia’s Soviet-era brutalist architecture

Selected works by architect Louis Kahn, the master of geometry

Triangular configurations and brutalist aesthetics characterize concrete residence in Georgia

Two rotated concrete volumes look for sunrise and sunset in Oaxaca

A tropical home in Mexico is held together using an old Mayan technique

A newly built minimalist home constructed with eco-friendly materials allowing it to blend into its hilly landscape perfectly

An indoor/outdoor Portuguese getaway blends into the arid landscape

A home that retreats into the Brazilian savanna

São Paulo apartment brings together 1940s style and broken-plan living

Architect discusses the joys of lateral living at her carefully renovated Georgian apartment in Bristol

A florist & photographer’s creative converted warehouse

An Australian house that exudes the charm of mid-century homes

A Brisbane home designed to withstand bushfires

A triangle shaped off-grid cabin in Australia made from recycled materials appeals to nature lovers

Triangles are trending in award-winning architecture

Why it’s effective to wrap architecture in zinc

Making architectural education more engaged

A co-housing project in Denver offers a response to the new housing needs of singles and extended families

A trio of lakeside cabins in Canada is the rental home of the future

A 1990s Chevrolet van transformed into a minimalist mobile home

A minimal lounge chair created by Norm Architects for Ishinomaki Laboratory

Inside a Brooklyn–based design studio where two former models are setting the scene

A source for vintage lighting

Daniel Arsham breaks the mold with Play-Doh-inspired furniture

A sleek space-saving home workstation

As a machine-learning system progresses through anywhere from a hundred to two thousand images, images like “Art Deco Buddhist temple” coalesce out of a field of pixellated static.

Appreciating the poetic misunderstandings of AI art (seen above)

People who got a second work from home job are discreetly enjoying a two-salary life

How to find work as a freelance architect

Should creatives be more dada?

Teens cash in on the NFT art boom

High-flying millennial art embezzler lands in prison

Gunshots fired at a Dutch museum as two thieves tried stealing a Monet painting but then dropped it on the way out

Artist gives captions to historical paintings

The best new arts and photography books to inspire you creatively

New photo and video kit trading platform lets creatives thrive

That brings this week’s list to a close. Thank you for reading and I hope you found something good. Don’t forget to share this newsletter with a friend. They’ll thank you later.