28 Days Later

Greetings all. Thanks for opening and reading this week’s installment of the newsletter. I’ll keep it short and sweet simply because I couldn’t find too many articles worthy enough to include. On a side note, Andy Warhol would have turned 93 today.

The first link is something that hits close to home as someone who has used that image library many many times although probably not in the past fifteen years so I guess the decision to archive it is a valid one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

New York Public Library plans to close 100-year-old image library to the public

Thomas Heatherwick’s controversial honeycomb sculpture in NYC faces a very uncertain future

Fifty five years after billionaire heiress and art collector Doris Duke killed her curator by “accident” the case is reopened as a then 13-year-old paperboy finally speaks (what a crazy story)

Fraudsters duped Sotheby's into selling over $1M worth of fake Giacometti sculptures

Keith Haring: Radiant Vision’ exhibition is currently on view in Cooperstown, NY

Andy Warhol's rise from advertisement to wealthy artist

Scented candles à la Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup cans

Basquiat collaborations are ubiquitous, but are they necessary?

New book gathers every single documented Frida Kahlo painting

NFT based on Banksy’s ‘Spike,’ minted without artist’s involvement, sells for over $150K

An artist just sold 1,000 NFTs and gave digital art nonprofit Rhizome $430K - the biggest gift in its 25-year history (!)

Computer-generated sculptures are eerily real

An artist has created an underwater sculpture park off the coast of Cyprus

Wax sculptures are set on fire and burned in Paris museum

In Kansas City, a seven-foot-tall bronze statue of a Native American woman has disappeared into thin air

Artworks go missing from Japanese museum

Isamu Noguchi explored what it means to be a global citizen

Yoko Ono invites visitors to mend broken pottery in an interactive exhibition at London gallery

Colorful plywood from Japan

Building simply

Everything you need to know about rammed Earth

A crescent-shaped house designed around a tree

A Russian home in the shape of a tube

Giant concrete roof shelters home in Indonesia

A ’60s brutalist time capsule lists for $645K

Inside Villa Van Wassenhove

Tiny 430 sqft sustainable home built using repurposed materials features a 30 degree solar paneled roof

A minimalist, modern adobe home in East Austin for a photographer and his family

Canadian house celebrates minimalism in both material and palette

A serene oasis in the heart of Copenhagen

Cuban art Deco meets Wes Anderson at Stockholm breakfast spot

An airy, light-filled home in Spain

Inside a Seattle designer’s moody home

A summery bungalow in Topanga, California

Designer discusses organised clutter and urban gardening from her Victorian flat

Geneva apartment is a mix of Nordic softness, Japanese simplicity and Parisian chic

An addition to a 1940s home in Sydney amplifies its connection to the outdoors

An 1870s church turned into stylist’s family home

Converted Victorian shop lists in the heart of London’s Spitalfields

Roman and Williams designs new Ace Hotel in Brooklyn

The Frank Lloyd Wright road trip that midcentury-modern lovers need to take

The 25 most significant works of postwar architecture

New book aims to challenge racial inequality in architecture

Piney Wood Atlas makes it easy to find artist residencies

An interview with the founders of the aforementioned website

A house on wheels is the perfect vehicle for sustainable art

Upstate Art Weekend is coming to upstate New York

The fear and thrill of quitting your day job

How to become a freelance architect

Bjarke Ingels Group, NASA, and ICON reveal 3D-printed research habitats for Mars

Welcome to 2031: A Future World

How memes became weapons in the culture wars

Until next time. Hope you have a good week.